Giving Back


I think it's important...


It's important to me to give back to the communities that I live in and work in.

As a parent of two elementary students, I realize how important it is to support our schools.  After attending a meeting for my own children's school Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), I realized how hard these groups work with limited resources to provide exceptional experiences to the children attending schools in our communities.  The relationship between parents and schools is an extremely important one that provides opportunities for parents to become involved in their child's education, visit other parents and meet staff.

To this end, I contribute 5% of my professional fee for every referral that I receive.  This donation is made on behalf of the referring person to the PTO of their choice. 


How it works:

For home buyers

Joe has a friend (Jim) that is looking to buy a home.  Joe gives me Jim's contact information.  Jim and I talk, discuss his real estate goals and start the home buying process. Jim and I find his dream home and his offer is accepted.  30-45 days later Jim closes on the purchase of his new home and he is a happy home owner.   

For home sellers

Joe (who lives in Johnston) tells me that his friend Jane (who lives in Urbandale) is planning on selling her house.  Joe give me Jane's contact information.  Jane and I meet, come to an agreement on a listing plan and a selling price for her home.  I sell Jane's house super fast and at the best price possible (because that's what I do)!  30-45 days later Jane closes on the sale of her house and she is a happy home seller. 


I ask Joe which school PTO he would like to have his donation made payable to.  I write a check to the Lawson Elementary school PTO in Johnston (Joe's choice) on behalf of Joe and present it to the school PTO.  Everybody is happy:  Joe - because he just helped out his children's school, Jim/Jane - they just bought/sold a home, the school PTO - they just received a nice donation and the children at the school - they get new supplies, technology, books, etc.

It's that easy!  Rest assured that I will treat your family, friends and co-workers with as much respect, care and personal attention that I give to all my clients. 


Together we can make a difference!


Area PTO Associations:

Johnston PTO

Urbandale PTO

Waukee PTO

Ankeny PTO

West Des Moines

Des Moines PTO


If you have another charity that you believe in supporting, simply send me an email for consideration.